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Wednesday, October 21, 2015 --

On October 19, 2015, The Delaware Valley Friends School girls soccer team played their best game of the season vs Perkiomen School, winning 1-0. The win pushed the girls into the Tri-County Independent School League season finals, which was played against Jack M. Barrack Hebrew Academy on their home field, on Wednesday, October 21. The DVFS girls did not win, but an amazing thing happened when the entire community rallied to show their support for the team. Seniors Maria Ortale and Michelle Guerin shared the following reflections on the season and that final game:

"The definition of a team is a group of players forming one side in a competitive game or sport. However, the girls team during the 2015 varsity soccer season formed more than a "side". During this soccer season, our players grew a lot as a team and also as individuals playing the game together as one. Even though we did not win as often as we would have liked to, we all stayed together as a team and kept our heads up while continuing to keep our hearts in the sport and give every game our all. Wining ended up not being our main goal. Our main goal was to play fair, learn skills together, and also to help each other and support one another. The age gap did not ever affect the girls on the team. We became close and really good friends on and off the field. One person's struggle became all of ours and we became a family.

Every team's dream is to make championships and bringing home a big trophy to show how great they were. That trophy ends up sitting on a shelf, collecting dust, for all to see. Years pass and new students come, not knowing who was on the team at the time and how they won. After beating Perkiomen for the first time in DVFS's girls soccer history, we went off to the championships, excited as anything. Barrack was the most well known school for being competitive and doing anything and everything to win. Seeing that clearly, we realized what they were missing as a team. We have a special spark that most teams did not. We always played a fair game and whenever one player was down, no matter who it was, we put the game aside and let our helpful hands take care of one another.

Within 5 minutes of the game beginning, it seemed as if the entire DVFS student body loaded off a bus to support. Middle schoolers, high schoolers, faculty, and parents overflowed the stands. Wearing spirit colors and chanting encouraging chants, the DVFS's community took over Barrack and showed their support, which was unbreakable. "I believe that we will win" was the most popular and used chant the student body screamed. "I believe." That was all we needed. Soccer is a sport played by many. Soccer to the DVFS girls was more than a sport. It was a chance to prove something. All our skills, put together, made the best team we could have built. Having the entire DVFS community believe in us really made us all feel great! Of course, at public schools, football stadiums are packed and overflowed every Friday. For DVFS, we all have something in common, which is our learning difference. However, the soccer field, to us, was a chance to use each of our strengths and using them to hopefully prove to other schools we are champions.

That game ended as a loss but something that was really great was when the time reached 0, the entire DVFS student body along with staff, ran out on to the field to embrace us. They were beyond impressed and seemed to repeat themselves, saying we were great. Sure, Barrack's team all ran together and hugged. Compared to them, we had an entire crowd taking over the field within seconds to show support from the start. This showed the girls soccer team and the community how united we can all be. Supporting one another and being there for one another is something no school or loss can take away from us.

We'd like to thank Jalal for all his hard work scheduling events, practices, and games because without him we wouldn't have ever created the friendships and memories that we made over the season. We would also like to thank Joe and Mark for being our coaches and believing in us from the start along with teaching us, sometimes one on one. We hope the DVFS girls soccer spirit carries on to the future generations of teams."

See some photos from the Finals game here (special thanks to faculty member Gray Goodman for taking and sharing photos from the game!):

Congratulations DVFS Girls Soccer!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015 -- The Delaware Valley Friends School girls soccer team played their best game of the season yesterday (10/19) vs Perkiomen School. The two teams had met twice before during this season —once home and once away— and the DVFS girls lost both times to the Perkiomen team.

Some memebrs of the Girls Soccer Team celebrate after their semi-finals win agains Perkiomen on 10/19/15

We played Perkiomen again on Monday, October 19, at their site, and the Delaware Valley Friends School girls beat Perkiomen 1-0 to win in the season semi final round of the Tri-County Independent School League.

The DVFS girls have advanced to the Final round, being played tomorrow (Wednesday 10/21, 3:30pm) against Jack M. Barrack Hebrew Academy, at Barrack (directions here). This is the first time in six years that the DVFS Girls Soccer Team has advanced to the championship. Please come and cheer on the team in the Championship game!

Delaware Valley Friends School Girls Soccer Team 2015

The girls’ season has progressed nicely, with three consecutive wins in recent weeks, against Mercy Vocational, Cristo Ray HS, and Perkiomen. The girls team spent last weekend at their 4th Annual Soccer Boot Camp, and their hard work and practice throughout the season paid off! Many thanks to the Ferleger Family for opening their home to the team for this intense soccer weekend.


The seven-seeded DVFS Dragons will play first-seeded Perkiomen School in the TCISL Championship Game at 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday, October 30 at the United Sports complex in West Bradford Township (1426 Marshallton Thorndale Rd). Come out and cheer on your Dragons!!!

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The Delaware Valley Friends School Girls Soccer Team won their final 2015-16 season home game against Mercy 2-0. The boys Varsity and JV teams, as well as the DV Drummers, all showed up to rally the girls with some high energy chanting:

"I believe that we will win!"

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photo shows nine dv drummers students at an athletics event drumming and cheering for the dvfs dragons team

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