Rachel Kenyon teaches in the Math Department at Delaware Valley Friends School. She teaches upper school Algebra I and II as well as Consumer Math and Geometry. Rachel has taught at DVFS for her entire 26-year teaching career - 100% of her experience has been working with students who learn differently. In addition to her teaching duties, Rachel is also a student Advisor and has been a coach for various teams during her tenure at DVFS, including basketball, lacrosse and at one time soccer and softball.

Q: Why do you like teaching at DVFS?
I love the community, the mission, my colleagues and the students.

Q: How do you help students with learning differences learn?

With lots of individual attention and with their help.

Q: What is a unique experience, talent or interest that you bring to your classroom to help shape the learning experience of your students?
I have a lot of interests - it's hard to say what experiences were the most important in molding my character as a teacher, but I'll give two. I think my childhood, growing up in a very diverse neighborhood in D.C. gave me empathy and allowed me to see people as individuals, rather than members of a group. I think my background in sports, playing Division I basketball and club rugby (I was briefly an alternate on the U.S. team) gave me the experience of teamwork, setting goals and working to achieve them.

Q: In your experience, what sets DVFS students apart?
I think they have greater empathy than most students since not everything has been easy. I also think the community at DVFS helps mold them into being good citizens.

Q: How do your other roles at the school provide a different perspective?
As a coach you can see a student out of the classroom. With some students this is critical, because they have become so damaged by the educational process over the years, it becomes an opportunity to see them shine.

In her own words:

"I love the community, the mission, my colleagues and the students."
- Rachel Kenyon

What others say about Rachel

"Rachel was one of the best coaches I ever had the pleasure to play for. She was tough on me all 6 years I played for her but that only brought out my highest potential as an athlete and for that, I'm thankful."
- Caroline Vitale, Class of 2006

"Rachel was a great advisor and awesome Teacher and Coach. I miss her!!!!"
- Andrew Ian Ostroff, Class of 1996

"Rachel taught me about being a good teammate. And she taught me how not to get frustrated when things get tough. Thank you. "
- Justin Thaw-Bolton, Class of 1995

"Rachel was my first math teacher at dvfs and one of the first teachers to really help me get what math was all about. Thank you so much to such a phenomenal teacher!"
- Zoe Berman, Class of 2011

"Rachel was my coach in both soccer and basketball. One of the things I remember most is that whenever I made a good play, Rachel was one of the first people to acknowledge it, and if I happened to have an off day, she would always offer words of encouragement. Rachel has always been a person who genuinely wants her students to succeed, whether it be in academics, as athletes, or life in general. It's people like her that make DVFS such an enjoyable place to go to."
- Chris McAden, Class of 1998

"Rachel rocks! Plain and simple!"
- Eric Yost, Class of 1998

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