Hallie Ciarlone is the Director of College Counseling at Delaware Valley Friends School. She has been at DVFS since 2011 - representing almost half of her 9-year career in college counseling. In addition to her duties working with students and their parents through the college placement process, Hallie serves on the Administrative Team, Instructional Leadership Team, and Admissions Committee. She is the yearbook advisor and oversees the summer SAT/ACT Prep Program. In 2015, Hallie also took over management of the school’s summer academic program.

Q: Why do you like teaching at DVFS?
The students and families at DVFS truly appreciate the concept of "best fit" when it comes to college selection. The students have a heightened sense of self-awareness and can recognize which communities are best for them in regards to academics, social life, and community engagement. This makes my job more fun since we can look into so many more areas of college fit beyond merely name recognition and test scores.

Q: How is DVFS different than other schools where you have taught?
There is a wonderful sense of mutual respect and togetherness at DVFS. I enjoy the variety of events, clubs, and initiatives put forth by our faculty and students. Our students are focused on life beyond high school, but are also keenly aware of how they can impact their world and how they are their own agents for personal growth.

Q: How do you help students with learning differences learn?
I help students (and families) look beyond the immediate classrooms and into their futures. We work together to find the best postsecondary option for them by thinking outside the box of traditional college admissions. I want students to be self-reflective and drive their own process. I also help students navigate the complicated process of figuring out accommodations in college and for the SAT/ACT exams.

Q: What is a unique experience, talent or interest that you bring to your classroom to help shape the learning experience of your students?
I think my ability to focus on each student individually is a big part of the college counseling process at DVFS. I have the pleasure of working closely with each family and enjoy the growth we make together.

Q: How do your other roles at the school provide a different perspective?
I appreciate being able to impact change from behind the scenes and make the school a leading educational resource for LD students and their families. I also enjoy helping students celebrate their accomplishments through the yearbook.

In her own words:

"Our students are focused on life beyond high school, but are also keenly aware of how they can impact their world and how they are their own agents for personal growth."

- Hallie Ciarlone

What others say about Hallie:

"I wasn’t sure my son would find a college fit given his learning profile, it seemed a daunting process… where to begin. Hallie helped us sort it out one step at a time, we could have never done it without her guidance, support and patience. The college process is a journey but a more complicated one to navigate when there are learning issues added to the mix. Hallie had the experience and knowledge needed to help us though the journey." "
- Diane Reott, DV Parent Class of 2015

"This getting ready for college is an entire job requiring extensive skill. To be honest I cannot imagine how I would have done it without Hallie. Her expertise, down to the smallest nuance, and her impeccable response time cannot be beat. I am grateful for her."
- Julie Markovitz, DV Parent Class of 2016

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