Linda Claiborne (or LC as she is known at DVFS) teaches in the math department at Delaware Valley Friends School. She teaches Algebra I & II to upper school students, who are grouped in mathematics and language arts by skill rather than grade level. Linda has been at DVFS for 18 of her 38 years of total teaching experience - and has been working with students who learn differently for over 90% of her teaching career. In addition to teaching math, LC also serves as a student Advisor and a member of the Phasing Committee.

Q: Why do you like teaching at DVFS?
I am able to combine the joy of mathematics and love of teaching along with a sense of community which equates to a dream job that kisses reality on a daily basis.

Q: How do you help students with learning differences learn?
Understanding the whole child is an integral part of helping students move along the academic pendulum, mainly when it comes to Mathematics. Remembering where they are, how they got there and where you want them to go is the underlying lesson plan each day. This is achieved by helping the student to experience some success within a Math environment by sharpening their skills and manipulative tools at every level.

Q: What is a unique experience, talent or interest that you bring to your classroom to help shape the learning experience of your students?
Through the years, I have learned how to walk along side of a struggling student as a support until they are able to take the necessary steps to be a successful independent thinker.

Q: In your experience, what sets DVFS students apart?
A DVFS education empowers the students to be proactive learners, creative thinkers, good citizens and team players in all settings. Characteristics such as these are nurtured within the walls of DV and it is reinforced within the Adventure Based Learning Experience (ABLE) program that every student is required to take.
In her own words:

"A DVFS education empowers the students to be proactive learners, creative thinkers, good citizens and team players in all settings."
- Linda Claiborne

What others say about LC

"LC is truly a saint and a direct example of a loving teacher. She truly is always trying to help her students and as my advisor she never lost hope in me. I am blessed that I was able to to have her... she really makes a difference."
- Ryan Hollingshead, Class of 2015

"Oh my gosh LC. She was AMAZING! She was my advisor and was probably the best advisor I had during my time at DV."
- Molly Alana, Class of 2012

"LC was an amazing math teacher and really helped me understand algebra. She also helped me after school with my math homework if I needed extra help. Definitely, agree that she was one of the best advisors I had! Thanks for always pushing me LC!!! "
- Gaby Macera, Class of 2012

"Linda was the best math teacher ever! I don't think I would have passed without her help. What a wonderful, talented person!"
- Jeff Beyea, Class of 1999

"LC and Roz were the only math teachers that i ever had who actually pushed me to succeed not just in math but as a man."
- Jess Christmyer, Class of 2010

"No one made a more lasting impression and difference in my life!"
- Adam Flax, Class of 2000

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