Norma Gottlieb is the Head of the Art department at Delaware Valley Friends School and she teaches drawing and 2D design in the Middle School program and Culinary Arts and Mixed Media in the Upper School. In addition to her teaching and administrative duties, Norma is a homeroom Advisor and serves on various committees, including: the school’s Marketing Committee, STEAM Committee, and faculty/Staff Advisory Committee. She is Coordinator of the Annual Arts Festival and Founder and Coordinator of the Annual Golden Rolling Pin Cooking Contest - the most prestigious culinary arts honor at the school. Norma I also a Board member of the Coltman Friends Foundation.

Norma has been teaching for 22 years - all of them at Delaware Valley Friends School working with students who learn differently.

Q: Why do you like teaching at DVFS?
I often will have the opportunity to teach students all through their time at DV. I enjoy watching them progress and blossom. From the start, I was attracted to the community, Quakerism, fine colleagues and brave and tenacious students.

Q: How do you help students with learning differences learn?
I have always said that I have an advantage because everything I teach is hands-on. Along with that, I communicate visually, verbally and with the written word. Mix in a lot of kindness and patience, and you see students flourish

Q: What is a unique experience, talent or interest that you bring to your classroom to help shape the learning experience of your students?
I am very fortunate to teach the things that I have always loved since childhood. A Fine Arts degree and 15 years in the food business have provided the depth of experience needed for confident teaching.

Q: In your experience, what sets DVFS students apart?
Courage, grit, tenacity, brilliance.

Q: How do your other roles at the school provide a different perspective?
Serving as a student Advisor and on various administrative committees has provided me with a rich understanding of how DV works and reminds me why I have committed myself to working with our students and my colleagues to the best of my ability.
In her own words:

" From the start, I was attracted to the DVFS community, Quakerism, fine colleagues and the brave and tenacious students."
- Norma Gottlieb

What others say about Norma

"Norma Gottlieb made a positive and lasting impression on me. She accepted me for who I was and always made me feel that I mattered. She is a compassionate and amazing person and I am so lucky to have had her as a teacher. She treated her pupils like an extended part of her family. She is intelligent, creative, interesting and an all-around good person. Norma made class fun and I always looked forward to attending. If you were having a bad day you couldn’t help but start to feel better after talking to Norma and just being in her company."
- Megan Smith, Class of 1995

"Norma was my Advisor - and I loved her. She never judged, but guided, gently. Her cooking class was fabulous - I won the Golden Rolling Pin Contest with now Chef Eric Yost on my team. We took a field trip to downtown Philadelphia with Norma. We saw a show and went to galleries. That introduction to the culture of the city has stayed with me - and it was a lot of fun. "
- Elaine Replansky, Class of 1997

"Norma was the quintessential art teacher at DV, always there to brighten anyone's day or offer me a cup of tea or coffee when I needed it. Looking forward to popping in to see what she's cooking next time I visit..."
- Tague Wilkins, Class of 2010

"In a word, Norma is simply awesome. So encouraging, inspiring, caring and talented not to mention her deeply calming presence. "
- Melissa Schoerke Koomson, Class of 1992

"There are certain teachers who impact students lives and I've never forgotten her. She brought an amazing vision to DVFS that she still continues to build....One of my favorite teachers - her students are quite lucky to have her."
- Emily A. Hare, Class of 1995

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