Learning Profiles

The Learning Profile is the student's and teacher's "roadmap" to developing an effective educational strategy based on that individual student's set of strengths, and challenges.

Time is dedicated at the beginning of each school year, and throughout the year, for teachers to review and discuss student strengths, challenges, and necessary accommodations or compensatory strategies. Delaware Valley Friends School develops a written, individualized learning profile for each student based on information gathered during the admissions process, including:

  • Psycho-educational testing
  • Student and parent interviews
  • School records, including any IEPs
  • DVFS placement tests in reading and math

The focus of the DVFS learning profile is to:

  • Highlight each student's individual strengths and weaknesses – including diagnostic information about their learning differences as well as aptitudes and special abilities
  • List classroom strategies and techniques that may be particularly effective for each student
  • Document any accommodations and assistive technology that the student needs to be successful – such as more time on tests or use of a laptop, ipod, or dictation software in class.

Learning Profiles are dynamic

Our Admissions Director creates an initial Learning Profile for students. However, this is a dynamic process. As information is gathered at DVFS about a student's learning (through the many teacher meetings and communications), we add to or update the learning profile - and that gets communicated to teachers, parents, and the student. A student's learning profile becomes a powerful tool for empowering them as learners and self-advocates.

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