Sandy Clayton is a member of the Science Department at Delaware Valley Friends School. He teaches 11th Grade Biology, 12th Grade Anatomy and Physiology, and Upper School Health (grades 9 - 12). Sandy has been teaching at DVFS for 16 of his 37 years of total teaching experience, and 100% of his career has been focused on teaching students who learn differently.

Q: Why do you like teaching at DVFS?
I like the freedom to teach the content that I think the students will need and the opportunity to add material that is current, Teaching the content along with the skills and metacognition the students will need is so important to their future goals.

Q: How do you help students with learning differences?
I think I'm very aware of their areas of difficulties AND strengths. I'm always looking for ways to use their strengths to learn the way that is best for them.

Q: What is a unique experience, talent or interest that you bring to your classroom to help shape the learning experience of your students?
I love Biology and I think I can get the students excited about it too. But I really care about mystudents, their safety, their health, and their future. I listen carefully when they talk and I take the time to engage them.

Q: In your experience, what sets DVFS students apart?
I tell people all the time how kind and caring our students are. Almost all of them are pretty empathetic towards others.
In his own words:

"I really care about my students, their safety, their health, and their future. I listen carefully when they talk and I take the time to engage them."
- Sandy Clayton

What others say about Sandy:

"Sandy is the greatest teacher on earth. He's a wonderful friend and was supportive all through my teenage years."
- Esther Martin-Ullrich, Class of 2005

"My favorite teacher at DV was Sandy Clayton, my biology teacher. Sandy was really good at connecting with students individually - all DV teachers were amazing at this, but Sandy really knew how to put himself into the shoes of his students. As a result, he made biology class fun, and, while some of us were really interested in the subject because we wanted science careers, many were not, but Sandy was able to teach the class in such a way that he motivated and engaged everyone."
- Larry Galloway, Class of 2010

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