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Learn how Delaware Valley Friends School faculty and professionals are helping our students achieve their best.

Meet DVFS Faculty | Jason Seggern

Jason Seggern has been a part of the Delaware Valley Friends School community since 2004. He came from Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital, where we was a cognitive therapist, to teach middle school science at DVFS. When the school added a 6th grade, Jason took on the role of Middle School Coordinator, and later added Dean of Students to his growing role on the administrative team. In 2016, Jason became the division head for the middle school program. When we opened our Lower School for grades 3-5, Jason became Lower & Middle School Director.
Meet DVFS Faculty | Allison Gill

Allison Gill joined the DVFS community in 2014 as a member of the Spanish department. She has been active as a student advisor, coach of the cross country team, and faculty advisor to the student Activities Committee. In 2016, Allison also served on the Faculty Evaluation Committee helping to develop a process for evaluation, professional development and mentor support for DVFS faculty members. Beginning in the 2016-17 school year, Allison transitioned to the role of Upper School Dean of Students, where she is responsible for issues related to student life and well-being, both school-wide and on an individual level. Read a brief interview with Allison.
Meet DVFS Faculty | Matt Tarditi

Matt Tarditi joined the DVFS faculty in 2017. He teaches 10th Grade American History and the 12th Grade college bridge Sociology course. Matt brings over a decade of teaching experience to DV, and has spent a third of his career working with students who learn differently. He also serves as a faculty advisor at DV, and hopes in the future to become more involved in school clubs and athletics.

Read an interview with Matt.

Meet DVFS Faculty | Michelle Erickson

Michelle Erickson joined the Delaware Valley Friends School community as a member of the Language Arts Department teaching 9th and 10 grades. Michelle brings almost 15 years of experience educating upper school students with learning differences in a mainstream environment. In addition to her academic classes, Michelle participates in the school's Puzzle Club, advises the Aquaponics Club, and is assistant coach for girls lacrosse.

Read an interview with Michelle.

Meet DVFS Faculty | Nic James

Nic James joined DVFS in 2018 as the school’s Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. He also teaches 10th grade English. Nic serves on the Academic Leadership Committee and the Administrative Team at DVFS. Read an interview with Nic
Meet DVFS Faculty | Sandy Powell

Sandy Powell is the happy face and friendly voice who greets students, faculty, staff, families and visitors at our reception desk. Sandy is a recent addition to the DVFS family, but she has been quickly accepted by all as a welcome and indispensable member of our school community.

Read an interview with Sandy.

Meet DVFS Faculty | Toni Bushnell

Toni Bushnell joined DVFS in 2018 as one of our Lead teachers in the Lower School Program. Toni is an experienced teacher with 27 years total teaching experience – all of which she spent working with student who learn differently. Toni first connected with DVFS about 14 years ago when she was drawn to the school’s Orton-Gillingham reading program. It has been a long time coming, but Toni is now officially part of the DVFS family.

Read an interview with Toni.

Meet DVFS Faculty | Anne-Marie McMahon

Delaware Valley Friends School welcomes our new Director of Development, Anne-Marie McMahon. Anne-Marie comes to us from an extensive background in development and non-profit work. She is excited about being part of the DVFS community and has a passion for connecting people with organizations that make a positive impact on the world.

Read an interview with Anne-Marie.

Meet DVFS Faculty | Beth Gray

Beth Gray is the Counselor for all the DVFS students in both middle and upper school. She has been at Delaware Valley Friends School for 13 years. She has been a school counselor for over 25 year- more than half of her career has been spent working with students who learn differently.
Read an interview with Beth.

Meet DVFS Faculty | David Calamaro

David Calamaro is the Associate Head of School and Academic Dean at Delaware Valley Friends School. David has been at DVFS for 19 years and has spent almost all of his career working with students who learn differently. David started at DV teaching history/social studies. In 2009, he became an administrator, taking over the duties of Dean of Students. He became Associate Head in 2012. David continues to keep a hand in classroom teaching. He is currently teaching an executive function class in the middle school.

Read an interview with David.

Meet DVFS Faculty | Elizabeth Kriynovich

Elizabeth Kriynovich teaches both English and Language Arts in the Upper School at Delaware Valley Friends. In addition, Elizabeth has pioneered the integration of mindfulness practices into the DVFS curriculum. Elizabeth is also an instructor in the DVFS Adolescent Literacy Teacher Training that trains future teachers of LD students. In addition to her work with students in the classroom, Elizabeth leads the school’s Yoga Club, facilitates the Human Rights Club, and serves as a student Advisor.
Read an interview with Elizabeth.

Meet DVFS Faculty | Gray Goodman

Gray Goodman is the Head of the History and Social Studies Department at Delaware Valley Friends School. He teaches four sections of 9th grade World History as well as sharing his personal talent and passion by teaching photography in the art department. In addition to his duties as a classroom teacher, Gray is a student Advisor and he is one of two faculty advisors for the Upper School Quaker-based student government. He was the first Athletic Director at DVFS, and is remembered by many as a coach and mentor. A practicing Quaker himself, Gray is a resource for the school on issues related to Friends philosophy and practices. Gray has spent 30 years of his 40-year teaching career at Delaware Valley Friends and has worked with students who learn differently throughout. Read an interview with Gray.

Meet DVFS Faculty | Hallie Ciarlone

Hallie Ciarlone is the College Counselor at Delaware Valley Friends School. She has been at DVFS since 2011 - representing almost half of her 9-year career in college counseling.In addition to her duties working with students and their parents through the college placement process, Hallie serves on the Administrative Team, Instructional Leadership Team, and Admissions Committee. She is the yearbook advisor and oversees the summer SAT/ACT Prep Program. In 2015, Hallie also took over management of the school’s summer academic program.
Read an interview with Hallie.

Meet DVFS Faculty | Jackie Middleton

Jackie Middleton teaches Upper School English as well as one-on-one language arts tutorials at Delaware Valley Friends School. Jackie joined DV as substitute teacher in 2010, and became a permanent faculty member in 2016. Prior to her time at DVFS, Jackie taught in the Coatesville Area School District. She is a competitive athlete and enjoys artistic pursuits as well when she is away from the classroom. Jackie will be stepping into the role of Chair of the English Department in September 2018.

Read an interview with Jackie.

Meet DVFS Faculty | Joy Paul

Joy joined the middle school at DVFS in 2011 teaching science. She has been teaching science in independent schools for over 20 years. Originally from Chicago, she earned her BSED in Biology Education from West Chester University and a Masters in Integrated Science Education from University of Pennsylvania. Joy's goal has always been to make science relevant to her Middle school students. She is certified in Biology and Middle School Science.

Read an interview with Joy.

Meet DVFS Faculty | Justin Wheeler

Delaware Valley Friends School welcomes our new Chief Financial Officer, Justin Wheeler. Justin comes to us from an extensive background in both finance and education. He is passionate about education reform and an area of particular strength that he brings to DVFS is the ability to demystify finance so that it can be a real strategic partner in building the school and program. Read a brief interview with Justin.

Meet DVFS Faculty | Kathy Barry

Kathy Barry has been the Assistant Director of Admissions and Financial Aid Director at Delaware Valley Friends School for over five years. She is also the parent of a DVFS graduate, Class of 2013, who is currently attending Albright College.

Read an interview with Kathy.

Meet DVFS Faculty | Kelly McHugh

Kelly McHugh joins the Delaware Valley Friends School community as the middle school math teacher. She comes to us most recently from the CHOP hospital school program where she taught students in grades K- 12. Kelly brings a passion for math and experience teaching students with a range of learning differences to our middle school program.

Read an interview with Kelly.

Meet DVFS Faculty | Ken Sinapius

Ken Sinapius is the Director of the ABLE (Adventure Based Learning Experiences) Program at Delaware Valley Friends School. He teaches ABLE courses to all middle and upper school grades. Some are extended trips such as sailing in the Florida Keys, hiking the Inca trails in Peru, or bike touring in Maryland. Others are a series of individual days closer to home including rock climbing and local ropes courses. In the middle school, the ABLE curriculum talks the form of team-building and orienteering outings and experiential education days during the year. Ken has been teaching at DVFS for 14 or his 30 total years of teaching experience. Most of his career has been spent working with students who learn differently.

Read an interview with Ken.

Meet DVFS Faculty | Linda Claiborne

Linda Claiborne (or LC as she is known at DVFS) teaches in the math department at Delaware Valley Friends School. She teaches Algebra I & II to upper school students, who are grouped in mathematics and language arts by skill rather than grade level. Linda has been at DVFS for 18 of her 38 years of total teaching experience - and has been working with students who learn differently for over 90% of her teaching career. In addition to teaching math, LC also serves as a student Advisor and a member of the Phasing Committee.
Read an interview with LC.

Meet DVFS Faculty | Megan Fairchild

Megan Fairchild teaches lower school at Delaware Valley Friends School. She has previously taught Middle School and Upper School Language Arts, 10th grade American History, and 6th grade humanities. Before coming to DVFS full time, Megan taught in our summer program for two years. Nearly half of her teaching career has been spent working with students who learn differently. In addition to her teaching duties, Megan is a teacher trainer in our IMSLEC accredited DVFS Adolescent Literacy Program.

Read an interview with Megan.

Meet DVFS Faculty | Norma Gottlieb

Norma Gottlieb is the Head of the Art department at Delaware Valley Friends School and she teaches drawing and 2D design in the Middle School program and Culinary Arts and Mixed Media in the Upper School. In addition to her teaching and administrative duties, Norma is a homeroom Advisor and serves on various committees.Read an interview with Norma.

Meet DVFS Faculty | Rachel Kenyon

Rachel Kenyon teaches in the Math Department at Delaware Valley Friends School. She teaches upper school Algebra I and II, as well as Consumer Math and Geometry. Rachel has taught at DVFS for her entire 26-year teaching career - 100% of her experience has been working with students who learn differently. In addition to her teaching duties, Rachel is also a student Advisor and has been a coach for various teams during her tenure at DVFS, including basketball, lacrosse and at one time soccer and softball. Read an interview with Rachel.

Meet DVFS Faculty | Tim Simmons

Tim Simmons teaches 10th grade English and lower, middle and upper school music at Delaware Valley Friends School. Tim has been at DVFS for 10 of his 21 years of total teaching experience. About half of his career has been spent working with students who learn differently. Tim has developed the music program at DVFS around the concept of improvisation. He graduated from the Music for People's Musicianship and Leadership Program in 2014 with certification in teaching musical improvisation. In addition to music classes, Tim also gives private lessons to our students in drums, guitar, bass, audio engineering, and beginning piano. He facilitates the DV Drummers and the DV Rock Band, and also coordinates weekly drum circles, jam sessions, and recording sessions in the Music room.

Read an interview with Tim.

Meet DVFS Faculty | Tom Lees

Tom Lees is the Coordinator of Diversity and Inclusion at Delaware Valley Friends School. He works with students and faculty at all grade levels. Tom runs the Diversity Committee. He also works closely with the faculty moderators of our Feminist Group, Black Student Union, and SAFE (DV's Gay-Straight Alliance). Tom has been at DVFS since 2003.
Read an interview with Tom.

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