Students Thrive

At Delaware Valley Friends School, no child feels embattled because of their learning difference. Students who may have lost confidence elsewhere begin to thrive in an environment of support and trust.

DVFS provides a platform where students are encouraged to take academic risks, to try again even though they may have failed in school many times before. Some students come to us very down on themselves, having completely given up on school and find a safe place where they are willing to give academics another chance - and it is remarkable how quickly they can get back on track.


We honor abilities: no matter where they are (academics, athletics, arts, ABLE, etc.) We recognize that students bring great strengths to the table as well as their challenges, and we spend a lot of time helping students to discover and celebrate their strengths while working to overcome their challenges.


Parents often tell us that we helped them get their child back. Their son or daughter is back to being happy, relaxed, confident, independent, and having fun again. Along the way, students frequently discover or rediscover passions, interests and talents they never kew they had or had abandoned when school became too difficult. This is often possible because they've gotten time back that used to be spent on long hours of homework or with tutors just to keep up in their former schools. Now, they can use those hours to participate in a variety of activities both inside and outside of school - making them more well-rounded and multifaceted individuals.

Delaware Valley Friends School
19 E. Central Avenue, Paoli, Pennsylvania 19301
Phone: 610.640.4150
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