Chelsey Platt earned her BA in Communication at University of Hartford where she was on the Dean's list, a member of two honor societies, involved in various university clubs, and was the Academic Vice President in student government. Chelsey also holds a MA in Communication Management from Emerson College.

She now lives in Boston and works for Harvard University as a Training Program Manager, managing the career and professional development training classes for Harvard University staff. She delivers training on communication-based business skills such as successful presentation delivery, team-building, productivity, and collaboration.

When did you come to DVFS, and from where?
I started at DV in 9 th grade at the original Bryn Mawr campus. I came from a private Friends prep school in the area.

Can you tell us a little bit about your learning difference and your particular struggles with school?
Before coming to DV, I really struggled with reading. I felt behind academically and was not at the same level as my peers.

What changed for you at DVFS?
At DV, I received the individual attention I needed and I finally felt understood as a learner. DV helped me feel up-to-speed and taught me how to learn, giving me tools and techniques to help me read. Even with my dyslexia, I felt ok. That change is a testament to the teachers and the approach at DVFS.

Do you have any special memories from your time at DVFS?
There were a number of stand-out teachers: Ruth Greenberger, who was Head of School at that time, Glenn Heck, David Calamaro, who is now Associate Head and Academic Dean. They were all so patient. They explained things in a way that helped me “get it".

During my senior year the school moved to the Paoli campus. One day, we all took the train from Bryn Mawr to Paoli to tour the new campus - that was really exciting. It was so much bigger! Moving to Paoli was a great change.

It took me a long time to commute to school each day from Mt. Airy to Bryn Mawr, and then to Paoli for my senior year. I took 2 trains (1:45 each way). A lot of kids took the train - and still do - from great distances to attend DV. This shows how committed families are and the value and strength of the education students get at DV.

What do you think the long-term value of DV education has been for you?
I went into college with academic confidence and found a career that I love and has brought me success. For families that have a student who is not succeeding because they're in an environment where their learning difference is inhibiting them from growing, DV is a place that understands that and can work with your student to help them be successful. DV can change a life; it certainly changed mine!

"DV helped me feel up to speed and taught me how to learn, giving me tools and techniques to help me read. Even with my dyslexia, I felt ok. That change is a testament to the teachers and the approach at DVFS."
- Chelsey, Class of '98


  • Started at Delaware Valley Friends in 9th grade
  • Graduated from DVFS in 1998
  • Was on the Dean's List in college, and graduated in 2002 from the University of Hartford with a degree in Communication
  • Earned a Master's in Communication Management from Emerson College in Boston in 2009
  • Currently Training Program Manager at Harvard University

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