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ABLE Florida Sailing -- Saturday Update

Ken sent the following update on the group's snorkeling adventures on Friday & Saturday. Be sure to look for the underwater photos Ken will share after they return from the trip.

We have had two great days of sailing and snorkeling. The weather has been warm -- one little rain shower on Friday -- and light wind. We have stopped at two reefs each day Friday & Saturday. On Friday, everyone snorkeled at the first reef but few had the energy…

Posted by lisa in ABLE, Florida, Sailing on Saturday January 5 at 05:57PM
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ABLE Florida Sailing -- Angelfish Creek

The day started with pancakes for breakfast! Then the students plotted a course out of Biscayne Bay and offshore to the reef. A few clouds were present as they made their way out to sea through Angelfish Creek. Check in for more later!

Pancake breakfast:

Planning the way out of Biscayne Bay:

Heading out to sea through Angelfish Creek:

Posted by lisa in ABLE, Florida, Sailing on Friday January 4 at 01:43PM
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ABLE Florida Sailing - Boca Chita Key

Great day at Boca Chita Key -- sailing, posing for pictures and investigating sea life. Our adventurers stood on a submerged wall looking at some fish and an octopus, saw a manatee getting a drink of fresh water from a boater's hose, and worked on their sailing skills.

Here they are on the wall:

Here's their new friend the manatee:

And here's Jack at the helm:

Enjoy some other great shots from today's adventures -- thanks Chris and Ken for sending …

Posted by lisa in ABLE, Florida, Sailing on Thursday January 3 at 06:46PM
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ABLE Florida Sailing 2019 - First Day

The first day of the ABLE Florida sailing trip is always a long one -- busy, without a lot of time for photos. Everyone got settled on their boats and Jack and Theo took on the challenge of food shopping and did a great job. The boats set sail out of Key Biscayne because the marina in Miami was full. With beautiful weather and a nice breeze they made it to Boca Chita Key. Everyone is safe and well!

Posted by lisa in ABLE, Florida, Sailing on Thursday January 3 at 08:56AM
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Understanding a Day in Their Life

As a parent, relative or friend of someone with a learning difference, it can be difficult to truly understand the daily struggles they face. What would it be like to spend a day walking in their shoes? School, social and emotional situations and behavior are all aspects that can be difficult for them to navigate.

Below you’ll find links to resources from Understood that will take you through a day in the life of a child with slow processing …
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Benjamin J. Cohen Faculty Development Fund

Being the Director of ABLE means it’s important for Ken Sinapius to continually challenge himself the same way he asks ABLE students to challenge themselves on their adventures. Thanks to the generosity of the Benjamin J. Cohen Faculty Development Fund, Ken had the opportunity to push his personal limits this past summer on a 10-day trip to the North Cascades where he went on to climb Mount Adams and Mount Rainier!

At an elevation of 14,411 feet, …

Posted by Jeannette Eckhardt in Blogging, Faculty, ABLE, Professional Development, News, Community, skills on Wednesday November 7, 2018
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Why a Skills-Based Curriculum is a Game-changer for DVFS Lower & Middle School Students

An interview with Lower & Middle School Director Jason Seggern

As the director of our younger divisions, Jason is a member of our regular Admissions Information Session panel of faculty and administrators. We asked Jason to comment on some of the most frequently asked questions from families interested in our Middle School program. See those questions and his responses below:

What drives the DVFS Middle School Curriculum?

DVFS’ Middle School …

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DV English Teacher Jackie Middleton Shares Innovative Classroom Tools That Help Her Students Access Challenging Content

Jackie Middleton’s upper school English classroom is unlike any other. From the physical space to the images and diagrams covering the walls, Jackie’s classroom is thoughtfully designed to encourage engagement and discussion among her students and to support their different learning challenges around grade-level appropriate content.

Jackie has transformed the standard classroom set-up -- individual desks and chairs in rows facing the front …

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ABLE | EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING | Registration open for 2018-19



New this year: Winter Break Service/Culture trip to Cambodia.

Cover of the 2018-19 ABLE Experiential Learning Brochure showing a female student at the helm of a sailboat this is a

The 2018-19 Experiential Learning Brochure


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Our New Play and Community Space is Open!

Drumroll… “Five – four – three – two – one – go!” The entire school counted down to the opening of the new play and community space on Monday, April 30, 2018.

DV's two student government Co-clerks, Michael Hall and John Coleman, cut the ceremonial red ribbon to opening the way for the Lower School grades to run up the hill, becoming the first students to play on the new equipment.

Despite the chilly weather, our youngest students – cheered on by …

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