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First week of the 2015 DVFS Summer Academic Program Update

The first week of the Delaware Valley Friends School Summer Academic Program brought trained and enthusiastic teachers together with summer program students to explore art, ceramics, technology skills, math, and one-on-one instruction to meet specific needs. Meeting with individual students each day gives the instructors the opportunity to focus on reading and writing issues and to address each student's personal goals and educational objectives for the summer. Outside the one-on-one time, students enjoy a community snack time and a variety of art, math, and technology classes.

Instructors Barbara Lee (eduTech) and Rick Beilunas (DV Alum, class of 2011) are running the technology course, which is not just about assistive technologies. Barbara explains: "We'll be exploring other new web-based technologies, too, as well as an introduction to 3-d printing. The guiding theme of the class will be an investigation of the Bermuda Triangle! Students will be prompted with the question, "Is the Bermuda Triangle real? Does it exist or not, and why?" We will be giving students readings and videos to support their thinking as well as teaching them research tools in support of the question. The class will conclude with a presentation by each student in the technology of their choice: A VoiceThread, a Padlet, a 3-d printed object, or other story-telling mechanism."

Art instructor Katie Kent got her class started on some clay work in the form of some adorable animals. You can see some in the picture below. Art instructor Maggie Weber's class began the week learning about non-objective (abstract) art and representational art.

It was a short week, but we had a good start to the Summer Academic Program. We hope everyone enjoyed the 4th of July weekend and we look forward to continuing all of our work and projects together for the rest of the month!


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