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ABLE Skiing Day 4

Casey had this narrative to share about Day 4 of ABLE Ski Touring:

"Today, we woke up at 7:30am for breakfast made by Pat and Tristen. After breakfast, our group decided to head out to a new location of ski trails that DV has never explored before. We started out on an intermediate trail in the 30-degree weather and continued until we arrived at a beautiful overlook of the hills. The snow was very soft since the temp went up a lot from yesterday, which made it kind of difficult to ski at some points. We took a group photo at the overlook and headed back on an easier trail. We eventually came to a warming hut, where Pat lit a fire and we enjoyed a packed lunch. After lunch, we split up into two groups, most of the boys and Ken went down a steeper hill while Dana, Francesca, Mark, and I went on a more smooth-sailing trail which led us all back together. After a snowball fight, we headed back to the lodge, which took about an hour. All of us enjoyed seeing the scenery around us on the way back. We ended the night with spaghetti, meatballs, and garlic bread. Today was a pretty good day."

- Casey

Posted by Lisa Howell in ABLE, Ski Touring on Sunday February, 16 at 10:35PM

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