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ABLE Skiing - Day 3

ABLE Ski Touring Day 3 -- More skiing. More good weather. The students took on some trails with bigger hills on Day 3. Ken sent these two videos, and they reminded me of the opening of the 70s TV show The Wide World of Sports:

No one was hurt. Everyone did great, and they all seem to be having a lot of fun.

Mark shared his insights on the day:

"Today, the group woke up at 8:00 to a pancake breakfast made by Drew and Francesca. After the well-made breakfast, the group packed a cooler and headed out to our usual ski course 20 minutes away. This being are third day skiing, the group was beginning to be comfortable on larger hills. Because of this, we decided to ski on the North side of the lodge climbing and skiing down many large hills. This was topped off by the descent of “The Big Hill” which was the steepest hill the group had skied down up until that point. After everyone making it down the hill with relative success, we headed to the lodge for lunch. During lunch the group decided as a collective to stay South and see what this side’s biggest hills had to offer. We ended up on the hill known as “Screamer”. This hill had quite a steep slope and a sharp turn at the end. Needless to say, this venture didn’t go quite as successfully. Most people in the group crashed (expect for Pat who made it down the hill relatively unscathed). Although no one fully made it down without some stumbling it made for some entertaining videos to watch that night. After a long day of skiing, the group returned to the lodge, and ate a burrito meal made by Drew and Francesca."
- Mark L.

Posted by Lisa Howell in ABLE, Ski Touring on Sunday February, 16 at 10:05PM

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