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Cambodia Day 3 - Visits to Tuol Sleng Museum and Tuol Ampil School

David Calamaro shared the following recap of Day 3 of the Cambodia trip:

"Today began with a very sobering but impactful trip to the Tuol Sleng Museum, which was formerly a high school until the Khmer Rouge overtook it in 1975 and turned it into an interrogation and torture facility. While at the museum, we learned in detail about the Cambodian Genocide from Lim, our guide while in Phnom Penh. Lim’s life story includes being conscripted by the Khmer Rouge and separated from his family as a young boy to work in rice fields, and so you can imagine how the story of this dark period in Cambodian history hit home.

"We met the two remaining survivors of the Tuol Sleng facility, both available to discuss their life stories, which are documented in their autobiographies. Then, we found some shade under palm trees and circled up for some silence, reflection and sharing.

"After the tour, our spirits were lifted and stomachs filled by an incredibly large Asian buffet and a visit to the Russian Market—imagine the Cambodian equivalent to the Reading Terminal Market with everything under the sun available. Kirk gave us a lesson in haggling, and students became instantly savvy.

"From the Russian Market, we visited the Tuol Ampil School, where we were eagerly greeted by the children and staff. We toured the school and presented our monetary gift, which was fundraised in anticipation of our visit.

"On the bus ride back to the hotel, it was so encouraging to hear students discussing Cambodian history and asking really important questions that brought to light the complexity of war, politics, power, good and evil, and human nature. Deep stuff…but then, back to the hotel pool! The night was capped by a traditional Cambodian dinner on the river."

Posted by Lisa Howell in Service, Cambodia on Monday December, 30, 2019 at 09:08AM

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