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Spotlight on Art Teacher Jodi Rice

How much can one person impact your life?
Senior Ashley Covert answered this question about art teacher Jodi Rice in the following article and video. Ashley did her senior internship in the marketing department at DVFS, and the following piece was one of the assignments she completed during her internship:

Jodi Rice is an art teacher at Delaware Valley Friends School. She teaches ceramics, sculpture, middle school art, drawing and painting, and iPhone photography. She has been teaching at DVFS for 16 years and has inspired many students along the way as a teacher, advisor, mentor and artist. Jodi inspired me and several of my fellow classmates with art. She has the unique ability to show students things they don’t think about as art. She helped me and a lot of other students find their hobby. I interviewed her to show you the true Jodi Rice.

Jodi Rice is always so positive and energetic all the time. She’s like a little ray of sunshine, which makes me so happy! When I first came to this school she reminded me of my love for sketching, which I had given up. I gave up sketching because I thought that I was not good at it, just because one person didn’t like one of my drawings.

First, I had Jodi as an art teacher in 9th grade and she showed me how to draw sketches from different angles and add shadows. At first I only liked to draw with pencil, but she showed me how cool it was to draw with oil pastels and other materials.

In 11th and 12th grades, Jodi really helped me to increase my love for photography. She showed me how to take pictures of objects and scenery, including moving objects. At first, I didn’t like editing my photos, but Jodi encouraged me to start editing them. I thought that they looked cool in their original formats, but when I played around with the editing tools, my pictures looked really awesome. Jodi brought out my strengths in photography, especially taking pictures from different angles.

In 11th and 12th grades Jodi was also my advisor. She always made sure I was on top of all my work. This means that she pushed me to my limits. Jodi helped by getting me the assistance I needed. She even helped me out when it came to non-academic things. Jodi helped support starting DART (Dance Art), which is a fun dance club I enjoy. Another teacher gave us an X-Box and we played Just Dance. That club helped me stay positive for my next class. She even sometimes joined in and danced with us and that was fun to watch. Overall, Jodi is just an amazing and creative person.

I interviewed Hailey Binford, the leader of the DART club, and asked her how Jodi impacted her. Hailey said, “I picked Jodi to help me with my club because last year we were doing Zumba together in her room. I knew she was the perfect person to do my club because she has a fun personality and she's good at dancing. Jodi told me that she was a Zumba instructor so we started doing Zumba during Community Time last year, and that was when I realized my love for dance. Every Community Time that I would hang out with Jodi, I would get so excited because I knew that I would be able to dance. I think Jodi's love for dance made me realize how dancing can make me so happy. Jodi’s dancing makes me so happy every time I get to do DART and dance with her.”

Hailey also shared that Jodi has had a significant impact on her beyond the DART club. “She has taught me many ways to do art and also she has made me realize how much I love doing art. I always enjoy seeing Jodi even when it's in the hall or and in our classroom. I have tried to enjoy every second I get with Jodi because I just really love her personality and she's just a fun teacher. She is such a sweet teacher and she has a sweet heart and cares about everyone and I love that about her. The type of art I love doing is making ceramic sculptures. Jodi was the first person to teach me how to make ceramics.”

I also interviewed Lauren Yard, an artist and another of Jodi’s advisees, and asked her how Jodi impacted her. Lauren said “Jodi improved my love for the art of photography and photographers by expanding my knowledge on different types and techniques of photography. Jodi helped me learn about new styles and techniques and gave me photography based tasks during studio arts. This helped me learn about lighting and contrast. She inspired me to be free and express myself through imagery. Jodi's positive outlook made me enjoy everything about art. This allowed me to truly be myself and use art as an escape from reality. She emphasized that even when mistakes happen you can turn your mistakes into something beautiful, which not only inspired me in art class but in real life. She helped me to get my homework done in advisory.”

Overall, Jodi has been an important part of many students’ DV experience. She has had a big impact on me and a lot of other students through her positive energy and willingness to teach.

By Ashley Covert, Class of 2019

Posted by Lisa Howell in Art, The Arts, skills on Friday May, 24, 2019 at 12:56PM

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