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ABLE SKi Touring 2019

Priya and Brady shared their impressions of the last day of ski touring 2019: "Today was sadly the last day but that didn't mean we did not try new things. For example, Priya, Duncan and Marco tried skate skis, which were quite different from the normal cross-country skis we used the majority of the trip. Also, Alex, Brady, Zach and Duncan made a little ramp to do some 180s -- but don't worry, there was no damage to skis or people. We also tried a new route on "baby run" all the way to Osceola which was very exciting. Before lunch we wanted to re-do the trail Osceola U since so many of us enjoyed it. Later we did a big loop cutting through an ungroomed trail before breaking into groups and doing our own thing."

Ken added that it was a good trip and everyone is ready to get back home.

Posted by Lisa Howell in ABLE, Ski Touring on Tuesday February, 19, 2019

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