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DV English Teacher Jackie Middleton Shares Innovative Classroom Tools That Help Her Students Access Challenging Content

Jackie Middleton’s upper school English classroom is unlike any other. From the physical space to the images and diagrams covering the walls, Jackie’s classroom is thoughtfully designed to encourage engagement and discussion among her students and to support their different learning challenges around grade-level appropriate content.

Jackie has transformed the standard classroom set-up -- individual desks and chairs in rows facing the front …

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Sharing from our Research-to-Practice Blog for Educators

In this blog post by Christy Zawadzkas, Lower School Assistant Director and Counselor for Lower and Middle Schools, published on our , Christy talks about "Transformative Resilience" and how we, as educators, can help our students learn to overcome obstacles and recover from difficult situations.


Type R Personality - Say What?

We are all uniquely different but when it comes to …

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Accommodations for College Students with Learning Differences: Understanding Your Role

One of the biggest differences between high school and college academic accommodations is who is responsible for advocating on the student’s behalf. In college, LD students will need to know their rights and self-advocate where in high school, many of the initial requests were done by parents, teachers, or administrators. DVFS students posses strong self-advocacy skills and the U.S. Department of Education article linked here is a helpful …
Posted by Hallie College Counselor in College Counseling, Metacognition on Friday July 24, 2015
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