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Understanding a Day in Their Life

As a parent, relative or friend of someone with a learning difference, it can be difficult to truly understand the daily struggles they face. What would it be like to spend a day walking in their shoes? School, social and emotional situations and behavior are all aspects that can be difficult for them to navigate.

Below you’ll find links to resources from Understood that will take you through a day in the life of a child with slow processing …
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Why a Skills-Based Curriculum is a Game-changer for DVFS Lower & Middle School Students

An interview with Lower & Middle School Director Jason Seggern

As the director of our younger divisions, Jason is a member of our regular Admissions Information Session panel of faculty and administrators. We asked Jason to comment on some of the most frequently asked questions from families interested in our Middle School program. See those questions and his responses below:

What drives the DVFS Middle School Curriculum?

DVFS’ Middle School …

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DV English Teacher Jackie Middleton Shares Innovative Classroom Tools That Help Her Students Access Challenging Content

Jackie Middleton’s upper school English classroom is unlike any other. From the physical space to the images and diagrams covering the walls, Jackie’s classroom is thoughtfully designed to encourage engagement and discussion among her students and to support their different learning challenges around grade-level appropriate content.

Jackie has transformed the standard classroom set-up -- individual desks and chairs in rows facing the front …

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Forming Friendships in Middle School

five middle school girls posing in front of a screen showing a tree a mountains int he background during a visit to the academy of natural sciences in philadelphia

At Delaware Valley Friends School many of our middle school team conversations focus on academic progress, skill remediation, and character development in line with our Quaker values. However, we also recognize the need to be cognizant of the experiences our students have when it comes to developing healthy and appropriate peer relationships.

It is in this spirit, that I’d like to take the opportunity to highlight an article from Your Teen for …

Posted by Jason Seggern in In the Classroom, Middle School, Friends on Tuesday April 24, 2018
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Sharing from our Research-to-Practice Blog for Educators

In this blog post by Christy Zawadzkas, Lower School Assistant Director and Counselor for Lower and Middle Schools, published on our , Christy talks about "Transformative Resilience" and how we, as educators, can help our students learn to overcome obstacles and recover from difficult situations.


Type R Personality - Say What?

We are all uniquely different but when it comes to …

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How Do You Wage Peace?

DVFS Art Teacher Jodi Rice got the idea for this WAGE PEACE installation from the American Friends Service Committee at the African-American Museum where they had a similar exhibit. She knew that she wanted to recreate the project with the DV community at some point, and everything fell into place when she was thinking of ways to share information with our families on Back to School Night. She asked each class (parents, and then later, students) …

Posted by kelly in In the Classroom, Art, Faculty on Tuesday October 10, 2017
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Happy Teachers Change the World

It makes sense, right? Happy teachers change the world, and at Delaware Valley Friends School we know for a fact--and benefit every day--from the teachers among us who are working to create a balanced, mindful, peaceful learning environment, not just for students but for the faculty and staff, as well. DVFS Upper School faculty member Elizabeth Kriynovich is one of those teachers.

Through her teaching, her work with the Yoga Club, and as a …

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Conceptual Physics: Experiment Using Randomness

Students in Steve Cooney’s conceptual physics class are conducting an experiment using randomness to attempt to measure indirectly. Paper balls are thrown at an unseen target whose area is known. Theoretically, one-fourth of the area should be covered by 25 percent of the balls that are within the known area.

In the first attempt (photo #1) the set up appeared to have affected the results.

The students tested for experimental bias (photo #2) and …

Posted by kelly in In the Classroom, Science on Thursday October 13, 2016
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Middle School Mission to Mars

Middle School science classes are embarking on an amazing journey. A journey to another world. A mission to Mars.

The journey will require extensive planning, experimentation, adjustments along the way, and teamwork among classmates to design and build rockets capable of leaving Earth’s gravity, traveling to and landing safely on Mars, and bringing the resources needed to sustain human life on the alien world.

The Mission to Mars in the …

Posted by kelly in In the Classroom, Technology, STEM, STEAM, Middle School on Friday January 29, 2016 at 02:34PM
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Professional Research Notes | January 2016

The Professionals at Delaware Valley Friends School have published a new research-based article in our Professional Research Notes:


by Timothy Simmons, Music Teacher at DVFS

In many ways, a spirit of adventure and experimentation has always been the driving force behind everything we do in the Music program at Delaware Valley …

Posted by in Professional Research Notes, Learning Differences, In the Classroom, Music on Friday January 15, 2016 at 09:51AM
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