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The LDIQ Professional Research Notes are research-based articles by Delaware Valley Friends School professionals, and cover topics on education, LD education, and information that will enhance your professional development.

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Research Notes MAY 2017

The Drummer’s Guide to the Brain: The Neurologic Case for the Efficacy of Music Instruction for Students with Learning Differences

By Tim Simmons, English and Music Teacher

After researching the neurologic components of both language and music, I have begun to better understand how music instruction can benefit students with learning differences, and, in particular, how drumming can help students with language processing and production.
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Research Notes JANUARY 2017

Achieving Milestones in Middle School with Multisensory Math

By Kelly McHugh, Middle School Math Teacher

When I started teaching at DV, I was introduced to the Orton-Gillingham (O-G), diagnostic-prescriptive approach to teaching language. I was given the opportunity to take a course in the math counterpart, Multisensory Math, last Winter, and it transformed my approach to lessons. Armed with the knowledge and research-based techniques for instruction I waded into the shallow-end of the Multisensory Math pool with my students in the Spring. It was exciting to have more tools to help them grasp more abstract concepts. Read more -->

Research Notes JANUARY 2016

The Element of Surprise: Using Improvisation to Create meaningful Music Curricula for adolescents with Learning Differences

by Timothy Simmons, Music Teacher, Delaware Valley Friends School

In many ways, a spirit of adventure and experimentation has always been the driving force behind everything we do in the Music program at Delaware Valley Friends School. From the very beginning, our mission has been to empower students to rediscover the joy in making music, and to find their own musical voices within themselves. But this program is also founded on exciting research suggesting that daily improvisation and drumming can boost phonological awareness and reading prosody, help students process language more effectively, increase connectivity in the brain, and improve basic executive functions, and working memory and may even improve reading skills in students with dyslexia. Read more-->

Research Notes JANUARY 2015

The Benefits of Mindfulness Training for Students with Learning and Attentional Challenges

Over the last few decades, the practice of mindfulness, which is most often based on an attention to breath as a way of anchoring in the present moment, has grown in popularity and in respect. As mindfulness becomes increasingly common, how can we use it as a way to help ADHD and LD adolescents in the classroom? Read more -->

Delaware Valley Friends School welcomes students in grades 5 - 12 with learning differences, particularly in reading (dyslexia), writing (dysgraphia), math (dyscalculia), memory (long-term and working), processing speed, ADHD and executive functioning challenges.

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