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DVFS Senior Imani Murray Wins Silver Key Writing Award
Posted 02/13/2019 11:19AM

Congratulations to DVFS senior Imani Murray for winning a Silver Key award from the Philadelphia Writing Project Scholastic Art & Writing competition. Imani won for her short story, The Traveler's Love: a ten chapter short form novel about a girl named Lana. Lana is royalty, with all the wealth and privilege that that implies. She seems to have everything, but she secretly envies her subjects because they have choices about how to live their lives that she does not. Lana wants to be free to travel the world. One day, Lana receives a note from a secret admirer declaring his love for her. He sends her gifts and notes that ignite her imagination and she begins to envision a different life than what is expected of her.

In each short chapter, there is a lesson. Imani generously shared Chapter 5 of the book below. It is a chapter about a big storm that brings devastation -- but also beauty in its aftermath. Imani says the lesson from this chapter is that "there is beauty in everything, even storms or difficult times."

A love of reading and writing is a big part of Imani's life now -- but that wasn't always the case. She used to hate both reading and writing, until in fifth grade she started to read Erin Hunter's Warrior Cats series. That same year, she started to get into writing and drawing. At that time, she wrote mostly poetry and horror stories. Imani has always loved animals and nature, and as time passed she began to incorporate those subject more into her writing. Her tastes shifted more toward the fantasy genre, and she began to write more and more.

Imani hopes to pursue a career in zoology, with an emphasis on DNA and genetic research, but she says that writing will always be an important hobby. She hopes to get The Traveler's Love published, and she is currently working on another young adult novel called Time about a wolf on a journey to save her pack.

Imani officially receives her Silver Key award later this spring. She is grateful to DV teachers Elizabeth Kriynovich and Michelle Erickson for their encouragement and support with developing this project and in entering this competition.

The Traveler's Love

Chapter 5: Storm

Lana sits on a stool with her layra on her lap, playing a tune to the endless night sea. Nothing special, just a song. Next to her is the bowl that has the water lily in it. Tides crash violently on the rocks. Lana enjoys it even more. "A Storm is coming," she smiles and laughs. The night sky became a blank black canvas. The Moon is covered in her dark cloak of the clouds. Small drops of crystals fall from the sky. The heavenly lion booms with pride. An aurora of light waltzes in the air sporadically. The earth looks as it is in chaos from all the commotion. To Lana all of it is a beautiful show. It reminds her of people. Not every day is clear and beautiful, however, there is beauty in everything, no matter how small or ugly it may appear. The storm also reminds Lana of her heart. Even though there is a storm, there will always be a clear day and even more beauty when it ends.

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