Metacognition & Self-Advocacy

Self-understanding (metacognition) and self-advocacy are critical for student success. In both our upper and middle school, we place great emphasis on empowering our students for that "next step." Our academic program's emphasis on skills and strategies equips our students with a firm understanding of how they learn best, what they need to do to overcome their specific challenges—and the language and courage to successfully articulate their needs to others.

As students mature in their understanding of how they learn and what tools and strategies best support their process, they are expected to evolve beyond understanding to self-advocacy. The ability to explain their particular learning difference and the challenges that difference may present, as well as the confidence to ask for what they need to be successful is a critical skill set in their preparation for college and career.

Hear what a few of our students and parents have had to say about the importance of self-advocacy in our program:

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