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Ski Touring Day Four

We've experienced how cold it was. Although we were freezing, we were still able to stand the weather. There were many steep hills to climb but, we all conquered them with the help of other people's motivational words. Even though some of us fell, we always had smiles on our faces. Some of us were tired after our second round of going out, so we stayed in the lodge. We will never forget all those moments that we spent with everyone and how all of us worked together as a community to get through the cold weather. Finally, we have seen everyone improve their ski technique.

- Sara and Terrence

Our coldest day yet. At the ski center they said it was minus 30 when they get up in the morning. With no wind, it didn't feel too bad. Everyone had their face covered with only their eyes left open to the weather. With your nose and mouth covered, all the moisture goes up and freezes on your eyelashes. It is quite the site and some of the girls even had frosted hair on the side of their faces. The group was out for 90 minutes in the morning and another 90 minutes in the afternoon. Only a couple of students even made it back out for a third time at the end of the day. We returned to our lodge only to find there was no Wi-Fi, but life did go on without the internet.

- Ken S

Posted by Kens in Ski Touring, ABLE on Monday February, 15, 2016
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