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Ski Touring Day Three

Today we had the normal early morning getting ready for the day to go skiing together. It was extremely cold out and was reported that it felt like -27. We all had goals to overcome and ended up really enjoying the day. We missed a few turns that made us backtrack but we had fun while bonding.

- Justin and Michelle

It was a cold day with the noon temperature reading 3 below, but we all got in a full day of skiing. In the morning we skied for 90 minutes before going in for lunch. Over lunch a few students swapped out their gloves or mittens for warmer ones, before heading back out for another 90 minutes. After a mid-afternoon break for snacks and rewarming, the group reluctantly ventured out for one last loop on the trails. Tomorrow is on to Winona State Forest and a little bigger wilderness. Wish us luck.

- Ken S.

Posted by Kens in Ski Touring, ABLE on Saturday February, 13, 2016

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You guys are doing an amazing job of managing the cold! We are in Ottawa, Canada, to skate on the canal. The temperatures are only a little colder here, but we lasted less than an hour skating outdoors yesterday. Enjoy today, it should get a bit warmer tomorrow!

from Kirk Smothers on 02/14/16 at 10:36AM

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