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Post #5 - ABLE Sailing in Florida, Day 4

Some of the ABLE Sailing students shared these reflections on the fourth day of sailing in Florida:

From Michael and Andrew:

We started our journey with a cold breakfast and set out to sea. It was very fun to sail since it was very windy all day.

From Hoop:

We woke up early and set out soon after breakfast. Weather was similar to yesterday. Wind was 20-30 knots. I took the helm from 8:40 nonstop until around 1:00. We were headed into the wind so it wasn't that rough. It was just bouncy. I somehow managed to navigate a mile-long channel without any instruction from anyone. Glenn and Rachel meanwhile had an hour-long chat during that whole time. I was pretty lucky to not run us aground. We overheard a conversation over the radio between the USCG and a vessel that was taking on water. Several minutes later, the situation was resolved. But it's a little scary that in just 2 days, we had heard 2 messages from the USCG about a vessel in distress. We then set the jib and tacked our way to Boca Chita Key in short time.

Posted by in Sailing, Florida, ABLE, Blogging on Sunday December, 20, 2015 at 10:06PM


Loving the updates! Been checking the biscayne weather each day. Looks like some good wind for sailing. :)

-Cyrene (Hoop's mom)

from cyrene on 12/20/15 at 10:38PM
That's pretty incredible that you were able to navigate the channel on your own without little instruction. Glad to hear the wind is at your back and that sailing is relatively smooth. Enjoy your last full day at sea
from Frani on 12/21/15 at 09:52AM

Nice play-by-play description, Hoop. It must be fascinating/thrilling/a little scary to listen in on the USCG radio communications, very different than sitting in class for a day.

from Kirk Smothers on 12/22/15 at 10:19AM

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