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Post #3 - ABLE Sailing Florida DAY 2

We are just able to upload this student recap from Hoop:

Day two blog Friday, December 18

Began day with hot and humid weather (not fun). Set off under motor power from the marina late in the morning to head to a coral reef in the Atlantic. En route Wind Chime experienced an engine overheat and was forced to reduce the rpm of its motor. This caused progress to be delayed and we finally arrived at the reef at about 2:45. After snorkeling for 1-2 hours, we departed and made a heading for Pumpkin Key, which is in Biscayne Bay. Due to restrictions on its engine, Wind Chime was able to maintain a slow 3-4 knots. Soggy Dollar was far ahead in hours. At 5:30, Soggy Dollar arrived at a break in the Barrier Islands which led to Pumpkin Key. An ominous-looking front passed overhead and Dollar experienced a brief and light drizzle. Soon, the sun had almost set and darkness was sitting in. Within minutes, all navigation was done using the digital chart at the helm and visual clues such as lights. As the Dollar was entering the channel, Chimes was out of sight. After a failed attempt to anchor on the south side of Pumpkin Key, Chimes arrived while in the process of attempting to anchor a second time.

Both boats tied up and dinner was prepared. It consisted of spaghetti, a sauce of meat and veggies, salad, and baby carrots. Following dinner, there was confusion over the defective work distribution schedule. And now people are talking about sleeping arrangements (Brett) and other topics. If you couldn't tell, this is now in the present tense. Sorry there weren't any plot twists in a story this long. At least so far... A sequel will come out tomorrow night. Also, Star Wars: The Force Awakens came out today at 12:00 in the morning. Dang.

Posted by in Sailing, Florida, ABLE, Blogging on Saturday December, 19, 2015

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Is Wind Chime's engine going to be okay? Awesome pic of the girls -- hope they decide to post on the blog.

from Roxanne on 12/20/15 at 05:59AM

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