Upper SChool Art Electives

Ceramics with Jodi Rice (TRIMESTER long)

Students in this hands-on class will explore a variety of techniques of ceramic processes, preparation, construction and decoration. Students will develop competence in a variety of hand building techniques. Students will also have the opportunity to work on their skills with a Potters’ wheel.

Sculpture with Jodi Rice/Katie Kent (TRIMESTER)

Sculpture class will learn about all types of sculpture from kinetic to ceramic to wire to paper mache and molding and casting. Artists Alexander Calder and Louise Nevellson are studied in this class.

Culinary Arts with Norma Gottlieb (TRIMESTER long)

The Culinary Arts class provides a hands-on experience with the planning, preparation and serving of entrees, appetizers, and desserts. The choices cover a wide variety of ethnic cuisines and cooking techniques. Guest chefs are invited to demonstrate and teach their specialties.

Mixed Media with Norma Gottlieb (TRIMESTER long)

Mixed Media introduces the student to problem solving through the use of various art media: drawing, painting, printmaking and bookbinding. Along with learning the techniques of these media and applying them, the students will learn how to analyze and critique their own work. The students’ first project will be designing and binding a sketchbook. Students will use the book for ideas, drawings and collages.

Photography with Gray Goodman (TRIMESTER long)

The high school photography course will examine the basic elements of design and how it applies to the camera. The class will examine the works of famous photographers and the impact they had on the art world as well as the broader culture. Time will be taken in class for learning the basic parts of the camera including framing, focusing, and depth of field. The school will provide Fuji Finepix cameras for interested students. Students are welcome to bring their own cameras from home or to use the cameras built into their phones or tablets. Students will be expected to take photographs outside of class. Time will be taken in class for creating individual portfolios and examining options for careers in photography. If a class is ready, there will be off-campus photo shoots.

Music with Tim Simmons (TRIMESTER long)

The Upper School Music class offers students the opportunity to explore music in their own way. Students have the chance to play a variety of musical instruments, and learn techniques for improvisation, as well as the basics of music theory and notation. In addition, the students have the opportunity to compose their own music, and also experience how to record using professional recording hardware and software. Students in the Upper School Music class play in coffeehouses and other live performances throughout the year, and participate in the production of a professional-quality recording of their music to be released in the Spring.

Creative Expressions with Khalil Munir (TRIMESTER long)

This is a course where students will be able to express themselves creatively using tools such as creative dramatics and a movement-based style of dancing. This course will allow students to find their creative passion through connecting internally with oneself. A goal of this course is for students to give a culminating performance in the Spring. After taking this course, students should show signs of improvement in the following areas:

  • Self-esteem enhancement
  • Creative Thinking
  • Self awareness of one's body
  • Improvisational acting training and skills
  • Course Extras:

    Students that are interested in tap dancing have the option for further training specifically in this area of dance.

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