Each student selects two elective courses each trimester for grades 9 through 11. Students taking Spanish, two science/math courses will select one elective. Seniors are permitted one free block so may opt to take one elective. Students are encouraged to try something new - get out of their comfort zone - and be creative!

Elective Selection for 2018/2019

  • Culinary Art - A hands-on experience with the planning, preparation and serving of entrees, appetizers, and desserts covering a wide variety of ethnic cuisines and cooking techniques.
  • Papermaking and Papercrafts - Learn the art of hand papermaking and related papercrafts, and decoration such as marbling, paste and color, spattering, paper cutting and folding.
  • Printmaking - Students combine basic drawing and photographic techniques to produce artwork by utilizing the following printing processes: Block Printing, Silk Screen Printing, Stencils, Monotypes, Photo copying, and Collagraphs; as well as learn about the history of printmaking as an art and some of the pioneers and contemporary artists.
  • Book Arts - Students learn three bookbinding techniques: pamphlet style sewn binding, accordion fold binding, and drum leaf binding while creating their own Artists’ Book, a unique piece of art realized in the form of a book.
  • Transform the iPhone Into An Artistic Tool - explores the possibilities of the phone as the modern day camera.
  • Experimental Drawing and Painting - Study artists who use their entire body for mark making and create our own techniques. This class will get messy - assignments include splatter painting and drawing without our hands.
  • Installation Art - Study Installation artists and make our own installations that are sight specific around the school.
  • Intro to Sculpture - Explore the fundamental processes of addition, subtraction and substitution in sculpture through different materials through carving, mold making and fabricating.
  • One Artwork, Many Mediums - Pick a famous painting from art history to then paint, sculpt, draw and more. The challenge and excitement will be in however many different mediums you can use to express your famous painting.
  • Art & Anatomy - Practice understanding the figure from quick sketches to long careful studies of live models to learn the basics of anatomy, proportion, drawing techniques, and composition.
  • Intro To Drawing And Painting - Composition, the visual element, the principles of design, and the basic techniques and concepts of both drawing and painting will be covered. (beginner level)
  • Introduction to Wheel Throwing - Learn the skills necessary to throw cylinders, cups, bowls and more in this exciting introduction to throwing fundamentals. You will be guided through the process of wedging, centering, shaping, how to pull handles and trimming pots on the wheel. Basic surface decoration and glazing techniques are also demonstrated. (beginner level)
  • Handbuilding with Molds and Slip Casting - Introductory class on mold making and slip casting covers how to mix plaster and make multiples and also be explores handbuilding, glazing, and surface decoration.
  • Intro to Handbuilding and Building Big - In this class we will cover the basics of handbuilding and learn multiple techniques to build, decorate, and glaze both functional and non-functional work.
  • Wheel Throwing II - Learn to refine your throwing skills while expanding on how to make more advanced vessels such as various styles of covered jars large scaled pots. (Must have completed the introductory wheel throwing class.)
  • Music - Students play a variety of musical instruments, and learn techniques for improvisation, as well as the basics of music theory and notation. Opportunities to compose, and record using professional recording hardware and software.
  • Music Theory –The class will focus on the following areas: Degrees and Modes of the Major and Minor Scales; Intervals of the Major and Minor Scales; Chord theory; Principles of composition; Survey of musical examples ranging from jazz, to classical, to popular music; Mastery of sight-reading music notation using techniques modeled after Peggy Hubicki’s methods for teaching notation to Language Impaired adolescents. (beginner to intermediate level class offered one trimester)
  • Audio Production – The class will focus on the following areas: Sequencing in Garageband and Logic Pro X; Recording live instruments; Mixing audio in Garageband and/or Logic Pro X; Mastering audio in Garageband and/or Logic Pro X. (beginner to intermediate level offered two trimesters)
  • Creative Expressions - Students will be able to express themselves creatively using tools such as creative dramatics and a movement-based style of dancing.
  • Introduction to Tap Dance
  • Robotics - Using the incredible flexibility of Mindstorms© EV3 Robotics, we will look at the fundamentals of robotic design and coding.
  • Photography
  • Physical Education
  • Current Events – Analyze electronic and printed sources covering events occurring in the United States and around the world; watch and discuss TED Talks and documentary films; examine bias and purpose of sources.
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