Quaker Education at DVFS

Delaware Valley Friends School is shaped by two foundational elements: a culture and community based upon Quaker principles and an academic approach driven by best practices in educating students who learn differently. These two aspects of the school’s identity are profoundly interwoven, and, the interaction of these two elements create an atmosphere where students and families feel understood, honored, supported, and valued.

Students who learn differently are an invisible and misunderstood group in most schools. Well-meaning teachers often lack the training and experience to understand these students and to provide the supports needed to help them reach their full potential. As a result, students who learn differently are often made to feel less smart and capable than their peers. They are repeatedly told that if they simply worked harder or were more motivated, that they would do better in school, but such criticisms belie fundamental misconceptions about students who learn differently.

Students with learning differences don’t lack in either effort or the desire to do well -- rather, they are faced with teachers and a system that doesn’t understand them as learners. These are bright, capable, creative, amazing students who deserve to be taught by teachers who understand and appreciate their talents and abilities, and who know how to support their learning so that they have the same opportunities to fulfill their potential as their non-LD peers in mainstream schools.

Inherent to Quakerism is the belief that there is an innate goodness within all individuals. At Delaware Valley Friends, we believe that each student comes to us with unique gifts. Our approach to education celebrates the individual – encouraging students to maximize their potential to learn, build self-esteem, and come to appreciate their unique differences.

DVFS faculty know their students as smart, capable young people, who will learn and grow into their full potential with appropriate support. Our faculty are specifically trained to understand how our students learn -- to identify the supports they need and to provide them.

Delaware Valley Friends combines a Quaker culture that sees the inherent worth in everyone with the expertise of educators who understand how to educate our students.

Delaware Valley Friends School
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