Sandy Powell is the happy face and friendly voice who greets students, faculty, staff, families and visitors at our reception desk. Sandy is a recent addition to the DVFS family, but she has been quickly accepted by all as a welcome and indispensable member of our school community. Read more about Sandy's journey to DV below.

Q: What drew you to Delaware Valley Friends School?
I have been a long-time friend and former co-worker of Kathy Barry's. I knew how much she has enjoyed her work and the DV community, so, when the receptionist position became available, I thought I might have the right set of skills to offer.

Q: How would you describe your role at the school?
I would like to think that I am a friend that is willing to pitch in and help where needed: for students, families, staff and faculty.

Q: What did you do before you came to DVFS?
I have had a eclectic career. Before DV, I was a nanny to a little girl from the time she was born until she was 3. Before that, I had been in the financial industry for about 25 years. One of my most entertaining work experiences was when I owned a helium balloon business and delivered balloons in a clown suit.

Q: What are your observations about DV so far?
I struggled through school, as our students have until they came to DV. Unfortunately, there was not a DV for me growing up. Watching the play last year rang so true for me. That was my life but I didn’t have DV to help me. I watch our students grow and succeed and wish I had been afforded that chance.

Q: What would you want people outside of DV to know about the school that they might not know?
There are so many words that describe DV that I would want everyone to know about this wonderful school: caring, community, friends, learning, family...

Q: What do you like to do when you are not at DVFS?
I have a son, 3 grand children, and 3 puppies who keep me busy. I have been married for 43 years. Quilting and cooking are my passions.

Below: Sandy thoroughly "pinked out" with pink DV hoodie, pink hair and posing with our pink-clad spirit wear model.

In her own words:

"I struggled through school as our students have until they came to DV. Unfortunately there was not a DV for me growing up...I watch our students grow and succeed and wish I had been afforded that chance."
- Sandy Powell

What others say about Sandy

"It feels like Sandy has always been a part of the DV community. I appreciate her upbeat personality along with all the innovations she has brought to the front desk and copy room. She is a pleasure to work with"
- Norma Gottlieb, Art department Chair

"I love Sandy because she is so upbeat and positive. She is always willing to help with anything. Whenever someone is going home sick, she always says that she hopes that they get better soon. On Fridays, she tells everyone to have a good weekend. It's always nice to say hi to her whenever I walk past the front desk. Overall, her personality is just so nice and fun to be around."
- Christine '18

"Seeing Sandy every morning at the front desk makes me feel happy. She loves interacting with the students, creates craft activities when new students visit, and has great school spirit. Sandy is efficient, organized and a crucial part of keeping our school running smoothly."
- Linda Mann, Math Teacher

"Since Sandy has been here, she has been so kind and comforting. She has a warm welcome for you every morning and a comforting “feel better” when you’re sick. She is someone who comes to her job every morning happy to be there."
- Joe '17

"Sandy is our own Superwoman. She knows something nice about everyone in the building, quilts (check out the quilt done by DVFS faculty many years ago now repaired by Sandy and proudly hanging in David C's office), bakes cookies for in-service meetings, organizes everything, laminates at will, and so much more."
- Kathy Barry, Associate Director of Admissions and Director of Financial Aid

"Sandy does whatever it takes to help a colleague, and it's always cheerfully done! "
- Joy Paul, Middle School Science Teacher

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