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ABLE Peru 2019

The last day on the trail started with cake for breakfast and ended in Machu Picchu. Doesn't get better than that!

Each student shared a reflection on the trip so far:

Izzy: The dogs we saw in the towns and at the school we helped paint were so cute, but Ken won't let us take one home.

Katie: I love alpacas. The hills don't love me.

Kenzie: I enjoyed the hike and the views are beautiful. The spectacled bear was cool.

Evan: I loved climbing mountain peaks, especially reaching 13,000ft. The food was great. I tried alpaca, but the pancakes were my favorite.

Sam: This has been fun but I miss my bed.

Nicco: Painting the school and helping the community was a cool experience. The hike was amazing and it was cool to talk to Ernesto and Pepe.

Anna: I love tea time and I unfortunately broke a Peruvian squatty. Reaching the top was cool and after the 8 hours of hiking, I quite enjoyed sleeping.

Maria: I tried tea but I didn't like it and won't ever be drinking it again. The downhills were better than the uphills.

Tommy: I played soccer at 13,000ft. I should have worn sunscreen as the back of my neck isn't doing so great.

Touring Machu Picchu tomorrow!!

Posted by Lisa Howell in ABLE, Inca Trail, Peru on Thursday March, 28 at 08:48PM

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