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Don’t Let Homework Get in the Way of Your Child’s Education

Tired of hours spent around the dining room table fighting with your kids about homework?

Frustrated by calls from your child’s teachers about incomplete or incorrect homework assignments?

Overwhelmed by trying to teach your kids subjects you barely remember (or maybe never understood) from your days in school?

Is any of this really helping your child learn?

At Delaware Valley Friends School we have an approach to homework that helps restore …

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Four Strategies to Help Parents Support Students with Executive Function Difficulties

The following article was originally published in the Main Line Neighbors email newsletter on Tuesday, February 7, 2017, mainlineneighbors.com:

Every family is different but when families have children with executive function (EF) difficulties there are distinct similarities. Rooms are a mess despite requests for them to be cleaned. Homework is not completed and if it is completed it is often not handed in. Long-term projects are completed the …

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Faculty Led Professional Development

by David Calamaro, Associate Head of School and Academic Dean

I am a firm believer that the best learning occurs for students when faculty are the instructional experts. “Professional learning communities” in education may take many different forms depending on the size and culture of the school, everything from informal lunch discussions initiated by faculty about current topics in education, to formalized programs that link to faculty evaluation…

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Paoli, Pennsylvania - Tuesday, December 7, 2016

DVFS Head of School Kirk Smothers and Clerk of the Board of Trustees Curt Grogan announced that the school is expanding to include a lower school program with the addition of grades 3 and 4 to its program. With its creation of a lower school program, DVFS becomes the only Friends school in the Philadelphia area dedicated solely to the education of students who learn differently from …

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2016 Fall Coffeehouse Performance Videos

Thanks to everyone who came to the DVFS Fall Coffeehouse on December 1, at Burlap & Bean in Newtown Square. We had a full house and a great line-up of performances.

Here are the videos from the evening...ENJOY!

Posted by kelly in Art, Music on Wednesday December 7, 2016
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DVFS College Counselor Reflects on College Board Accommodations Request Process Announcement

From Hallie Ciarlone, DVFS Director of College Counseling

The College Board recently announced a more streamlined and updated request and review process for students seeking testing accommodations for their exams (PSAT, SAT, and AP exam). I was pleased to see an increased level of communication from College Board representatives after the 2015-2016 school year fiascos in which many counselors felt blindsided or ignored during unexpected major CB …

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DVFS Teacher Receives National Diversity Practitioners Medal of Honor

On Saturday, October 29, 2016, Delaware Valley Friends School Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Tom Lees, was presented with the Diversity Practitioners Medal of Honor by Rodney Glasgow of The Glasgow Group, LLC.

Tom was attending the 5th Annual Mid-Atlantic Region Diversity Conference with four current DVFS students: Anat Ferleger, Josh Rios, Dylan Renninger, and Brandon Daga. The all-day MARD Conference took place at Abington Friends School …

Posted by dvfschool in Quaker Education, Beyond the Classroom, Faculty, Diversity on Monday October 31, 2016
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Conceptual Physics: Experiment Using Randomness

Students in Steve Cooney’s conceptual physics class are conducting an experiment using randomness to attempt to measure indirectly. Paper balls are thrown at an unseen target whose area is known. Theoretically, one-fourth of the area should be covered by 25 percent of the balls that are within the known area.

In the first attempt (photo #1) the set up appeared to have affected the results.

The students tested for experimental bias (photo #2) and …

Posted by kelly in In the Classroom, Science on Thursday October 13, 2016
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ABLE Sailing on the Chesapeake Bay

We hope you've been following the ABLE sailing crew's October adventures on the ABLE blog! Catch up here -->

Adventure Based Learning Experiences

Delaware Valley Friends School ABLE Program

Posted by kelly in Beyond the Classroom, ABLE on Sunday October 9, 2016
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DVFS Faculty Presenting at State, National, and International Conferences in October

Four Delaware Valley Friends School faculty members will be presenting at major conferences around the United States during the month of October. At Delaware Valley Friends School, an explicit part of our mission is to share our expertise with professional colleagues beyond the school community, to facilitate the exchange of ideas and share our faculty's experience and expertise with others engaged in the field of educating students with learning…

Posted by dvfschool in Learning Differences, Faculty, Conferences on Monday September 26, 2016 at 04:11PM
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