November 7, 2016

Practical Strategies for Supporting Executive Function at Home and at School

Delaware Valley Friends School was honored to host Sarah Ward, M.S., CCC/SLP, who spoke before a full house of guests on Monday, October 10, 2016, as part of our Dyslexia Awareness Month Speaker Series. Professionals in the field of LD education, as well as members or the DVFS community and the general public, were invited to hear Sarah's presentation: "Practical Strategies for Supporting Executive Function at Home and at School."


In addition to her evening presentation, Sarah spent two days working with our faculty and administrators. During this time, she observed classes and provided praise for our current 

executive function supports. She also provided specific class-by-class feedback and more overarching recommendations for how we can continue to build and strengthen our support for students' executive functions across our curriculum. During her time with us, she demonstrated a number of the resources and tools she uses and we wanted to share these with you. You can see them listed and linked here.

Sarah also had an opportunity to sit down with Helen Mannion, M.Ed., CALT, DVFS Director of Teaching and Learning, to answer some common questions about how teachers and parents can provide effective executive function support. Video clips from that conversation can be found on our website herecovering the topics such as: how parents can help students with EF challenges; how parents and teachers can work together to support EF students; how EF students can better prepare for tests, executive function in college; and adults with executive function.

Delaware Valley Friends School Faculty Present at Fall Conferences

There is no shortage of research in the field of education, however, there is often a disconnect between this research and its implementation in classrooms. Fortunately, here at Delaware Valley Friends School, the teachers are passionate about reading the research and working with researchers, administrators, fellow teachers and students to bring the research into their instruction and classrooms. This process requires experienced, compassionate and committed teachers who are supported by administrators who encourage them to become experts in instruction and their content area. Many of our teachers continually share their expertise and experience with other teachers throughout the country as they present at conferences. Here is a sampling of how our faculty, at local, national, and international conferences during the months of October and November, shared their expertise of putting research into practice in the classroom of DFVS: (click here to read more)

Information Sessions for Interested Families

We have opened our new application process for the 2017-18 school year. In the past year Delaware Valley Friends has experienced a 15% total enrollment increase and we currently have the largest Middle School in the history of DVFS. We encourage you to invite your families to look early.  Information Sessions provide an ideal opportunity to learn about DVFS.  Upcoming dates are listed here, and both parents and students are welcome. Visitors get a brief overview of the school, tour the campus, and have a chance to ask any questions they may have. We offer a variety of days and times throughout the year. We are also available for scheduled private visits. See the full schedule here.


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