Why We Chose DVFS

Listen to what parents and students say about why they chose Delaware Valley Friends…

This education is priceless                      Her gifts are celebrated here
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Metacognition and rigorous curriculum     Finding the drive to do well

Delaware Valley Friends School is for students with dyslexia, dysgraphia and other language-based learning disabilities as well as ADD/ADHD.



























Video Transcripts

Kevin, Parent

The support that the school has given her and the way that they are taught - it's been incredible. She's basically taught the way she needs to learn, so she's been able to get that balance between school and athletics. And even with her friends she's been able to maintain what I would call in the business world the work-life balance - she's been able maintain that school-life balance. And for her it's been tremendous, and she loves what she's doing.

Molly, Student

The Homework Labs have really, really helped me a lot because on Wednesday and Thursday are they days we get the most homework and I can get my homework done on those days. And those are the nights I have practice for ice hockey. And the laptops; and so I don’t always have to walk up to my mom or the teachers and say, “How do you spell this word?” Since spell-check can always help me fix everything.

Kim, Parent

Since Will has been at Delaware Valley Friends School he's become more independent he does his homework without being asked which has been a gift to all of us. His academic maturity is significant; he has gone from a C student to a honors student he has gone from not wanting to engage in any activities in school to being encouraged to get tour guide, going into student government and he's just become a more self-assured, more confident and more engaged child.

Mary-Katherine, Student

Another nice with Delaware Valley and our community is that we are no longer in a school where we might be in the minority because we have a learning difference; we’re actually in the majority because all of us have a learning difference and we’re working together to…not overcome our learning difference, but learning to live with our learning difference and the problems that we struggle with, because we might not be on par with reading fluency, or our writing. But through the community of teachers and their willingness to work with students and want to have students be the best people that they can, even though they have that learning difference, we have this great community – that we can all work together to achieve that goal of living a successful life with a learning difference.

Kelsey, Class of 2011

Self-advocacy –you kind of learn how to ask for things yourself so even if you’re afraid now, you’ll get used to it. And it helps you later in college. The class sizes are very good so take advantage of the small classes and how much the teachers actually want to help you. They’re here to help. That’s what they’re here for. So, that would be my advice.

Heather, Middle School Parent

My son’s anxiety level changed a lot when we came to DVFS. And his previous school was much larger, and the teachers didn’t know him as well, and he demonstrated that he was just sad about school and was really anxious and it showed itself in a variety of ways. But even the very first day at DVFS he came home and he said, “This is a great school.” I notice, again from a variety of ways, that he’s not nervous any more. He responds really well to the small classrooms, and the teachers are just really kind, and it’s changed everything; it’s been a great blessing for our family.

Lisa, Parent

The biggest transformation that I have seen in Emily is the embrace of her learning difference. She has grown into a confident young woman, who is now gaining the self-esteem that she’s always needed. We had two years ago prior to coming to DVFS we were quietly told that Emily would probably never attend a college not even a community college level, and here we are this year two years later she is visiting colleges and recently went to Lebanon Valley where she was standing on campus and it’s actually hard for me to imagine that this is now a reality Emily is going to college because of the education she is receiving at DVFS.

Catie, Class of 2010

The school gave me a lot of hope to go to college because when I was at my public school I was like, “Oh. College. I don’t think I’m going to make it.” But now that I’m here, I going to my school that I want to go to – my first choice school, and it’s been a blessing that I’ve been able to come here. And succeed.

DVFS does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, religion, sexual orientation, or on the basis of national or ethnic origin, in admissions and financial programs, in the administration of its educational program or in employment policies.