Word From the Head

Delaware Valley Friends School was incorporated in 1986 because there was a need for a secondary school for students with language-based learning disabilities/differences.  The mission of DVFS is to prepare students for future study and work while embracing our Quaker values. 

The original mission of Delaware Valley Friends School has both endured and strengthened.  DVFS provides a safe, Quaker environment, where students immerse themselves in a rigorous college preparatory program.  Our Orton-Gillingham based teaching provides multisensory instruction. Our first-rate faculty helps students understand their individual learning style, teaches them what it is that makes them successful, and builds their self-confidence in a meaningful and real way.

We believe that a Delaware Valley Friends education is second to none. Our faculty constantly examines and implements the latest research and technology to keep our approach on the cutting edge of education in an extremely fast and changing global world.  Our students are partners in this process, working closely with teachers to learn how to learn.  Together, they discover the tools and strategies they will need for success today and beyond – and how to apply those techniques to real life situations.

Preparing students for their future is not solely an academic undertaking, but requires engaging the student as a whole.  At Delaware Valley Friends, we encourage each student to find their passion – whether it is in the art studios, on a sports team, or as a community leader – and pursue that passion within our structured, nurturing environment.

Delaware Valley Friends is truly a launching pad for success in learning and in life.


Pritchard Garrett

Head of School

Delaware Valley Friends School is for students with dyslexia, dysgraphia and other language-based learning disabilities as well as ADD/ADHD.


Pritchard Garrett, Head of School

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