Word From the Head

My passion in life is helping students realize their strengths and abilities and this is exactly what Delaware Valley Friends School does.  Many children coming into DVFS have a lot of doubt about who they are as learners. They question their capabilities, their ability to be successful academically, their cognitive abilities, and, at times, even question who they are socially.  They often feel defeated and think that they will never measure up to other students or even siblings.  Our students are smart and often know that they are not learning at the same pace as their peers in traditional school settings.  For many of these students, there is a lack of self-esteem and a huge amount of anxiety.

Delaware Valley Friends School was founded for bright, capable students who have not learned who they are as learners. They have not been taught how they as individuals learn best and what tools and strategies they might use to make themselves incredibly successful.

This is the beauty of DVFS.  The faculty and staff care deeply about the individual student.  They take time to figure out each student’s learning style, where their personal strengths lie, what challenges lay before them, and finally what it is that makes that particular student successful.  Once our teachers understand these pieces, they begin to directly help the students understand who they are and what they can achieve when they use the right strategies. At Delaware Valley Friends School, I have repeatedly seen struggling students become academically confident, excellent problem solvers, strong self-advocates, and focused leaders.  What a great reward for doing what some call work!


Pritchard Garrett
Head of School

Delaware Valley Friends School is for students with dyslexia, dysgraphia and other language-based learning disabilities as well as ADD/ADHD.